The idea of Forandringsfabrikken (Changefactory)

The idea of the Forandringsfabrikken (ChangeFactory)  is to listen to children and youth in the situation they are living in and the help they receive from the system.  Forandrings Fabrikken receive knowledge of children and youth about the school and welfare systems they are receiving assistance from. ForandringsFabrikken has developed a methodology to get children and young people to identify  system-changing ideas, lift up knowledge and recommendation from children and youth for their system, and facilitate dialogue between service users and implementing agencies to develop further effective systems. Change Factory is working to create systems for children and youth based on advice, recommendation and experience from children and youth, allowing meaningful engagement between the children and youth with the professionals, academicas, policy makers and lawmakers. 

Our mission and vision

The mission of Changefactory is to contribute to the systems and services for children and youth that create useful, safe and collaborating for the children and youth themselves. Children and youth shall experience that the systems that are for them feel safe, helpful and collaborative for them through building the systems and services on summarized recommendations and knowledge from children themselves.

Changefactory's vision

Changefactory’s aim is to contribute towards safer and more meaningful schools, kindergartens and help systems for all children and youth, built on knowledge from the children and youth.

Changefactory's professionals (proffs)

ForandringsFabrikken’s professionals(proffs) are the main source of our knowledge and work for changing the systems. We named them Proffs because they are professional on the system they are in and their answers contribute with very relevant and realistic knowledge that the implementers of the systems themselves do not have. Proofs are young people with experience from child protective services, mental health services, the judicial systems, school system and other support systems . It is always important and beneficial to listen to their knowledge and implement their advice to improve existing practices in the current systems.

Children and youth around the country between the ages of 6 to under 20 can become a proff in the ForandringsFabrikken and contribute with their important knowledge, experience and advice. Pros are actively involved in lectures and participate in presentations and dialogues with students from universities, professionals from the system they are in and the authorities. Being a proff of ForandringsFabrikken is completely voluntary. In meetings, lectures, dialogue with authorities, lawmakers, politicians, Pros highlight summarized knowledge from children around Norway. The pros also share experiences from their own lives if they wish. The goal is never to highlight individual stories, but experiences can sometimes be useful to explain or illustrate the main answers in the summarized knowledge from many children.


Active Pros in the ForandringsFabrikken enhanced their professional’s development, and gained a deeper understanding and knowledge about the system they are in. They also learn about their rights. Additionally, they lift up other children´s voices for change in the existing system and opportunity to be a part of this process also they become close friends with other proffs  around the country. The ForandringsFabrikken regularly organizes gatherings of youth around the country. Annually during the  summer camp youth around the country meet 2-3 days for annual review of the important work they have done throughout the year and activities. 


Our proffs are working in different areas of our work based on their expertise. Currently, we have three different types of proffs in our work. Education system proffs, those who have e knowledge and advice about schools, kindergartens and other educational institutions. Another is mental health services proffs are directly related to the health system of the country and the services they receive from the health services, particularly in psychosocial support services as well as psychiatric hospitals services. Proffs those who have experience from mental health service(s) can become a mental health pro. Child protection system proffs have experience from children protection service or police. Our proffs are frequently invited to share and lift up advice and knowledge from children to the media. This is part of spreading the knowledge from children related to specific issues to further disseminate the information to a wider audience. While working towards continuously improving the systems for children and youth in Norway.

A proff can participate in The ForandringsFabrikken activities as much or as little as they want. Being a part of the ForandringsFabrikken is free of charge. Everyone is welcome, and everyone has important knowledge that Norway needs. 

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