Obtaining feedback for contact persons and child welfare services

Feedback from children in their own services is a prerequisite for providing ever better help to those who need it. Different methods of collecting feedback are used around the country, this tool is based on the collective experience of services and developed together with professionals in Changefactory.

21 child protection services have given concrete input into the development of this tool booklet from 2018

Key advice from pros:
Common to all feedback methods is that the information provided by the child or young person should be agreed on how it will be passed on. It must be clearly stated what it will be used for, how the information will be anonymized and who will read the answers. After the surveys, it is important that the children know what has been done.

"We professionals know that many children and young people want to help their child welfare services improve - lots of them
good luck!"


PART 1: Tool for direct feedback from children and young people in conversation with the contact person

  1. How can I help better?
  2. FIT form, Feedback-informed services
  3. Coloring of figure

PART 2: Tools for systematic feedback from children and young people to the development of services
What does it take to succeed?
What can feedback be used for?
4. Child and youth contact
5. Mailbox on Facebook
6. Professional meeting
7. Surveys in talk