survey and knowledge production

What does the group do for survey and knowledge production

  • Collecting and summarizing knowledge directly from children in surveys 
  • Make the knowledge available to professionals, students and authorities, through reports, advice booklets, books, films, podcasts

About the surveys

CF invites children to participate in surveys, in kindergarten, school, social services, police and justice system. CF is committed to reaching many children and young people, and works especially to reach children who have little trust in adults.

  • the researchers are the project managers of the surveys
  • Project team is set up, with 1-2 investigators, 1 from CF- subject group, 1 from CF- policy group and 1-2 subject consultants (young people with experience in the field to be investigated and with an additional subject responsibility)
  • Participants are invited in cooperation with schools, kindergartens and support services
  • Surveyors travel across Norway to meet children and young people who want to take part in surveys

the researchers works to meet children in ways that make them feel safe and important to participate, and that make them want to be part of the change. The method has been, and is, constantly evolving. This is essential to ensure the quality of the work that is done. Here you can you can read more about the method. 

For the storage and processing of personal data, written consent is obtained from all participants. For children and young people under 16 years of age, written consent is also obtained from caregivers. Here you can you can read more about how CF works with privacy (seee point 2.6).

Cooperation with young professional consultants
In working with survey and its production, the researchers cooperates with FF's professional consultants who have experience of the system in each field.

  • Specialist consultants are included in the planning of new investigations
  • Expert consultants review completed draft reports and other knowledge products with a researcher. This is to ensure a "peer review" we call "Young Assessment"

On dissemination of knowledge 

For each survey , knowledge products are produced to make children's knowledge accessible to professionals, policy makers and students. In addition to reports, advice booklets, images, films and podcasts are produced.

Written consent from children and young people is obtained before
audio recording, filming and photography. For children and under-16s, written consent is also obtained from carers. Anyone who wishes to do so is given the opportunity to approve film clips and images before use. Cover photos for reports and Council booklets are always sent for approval.

Reports and advice booklets: Surveys are presented, among other things, in reports and advice booklets, as PDFs on the CF website and printed versions. the researchers is responsible for the content and finalizes reports before they are sent to print and posted on the CF website. the researchers assists in the planning and execution of report launches. Here, the main responsibility of the researchers is to invite children and young people who have participated in survey to share their main responses.

Photos: Surveyors and CF photographer take photos of children and young people taking part in the surveys for use in the reports and Council booklets. The photos are often taken during the survey, in connection with meetings.

Film and podcast: Main answers from the current report are explained on film or podcast, by children and young people who have taken part in the survey. Children and young people are invited to present the main answers that are important to them.