Three professional councils gave CF good advice

Published 19.06.2023 

We are grateful that FF's professional councils gathered for their own digital meeting in the run-up to ferien☀️
This is the Professional Council Health, Children and Family and Schools and kindergarten.
Changefactory received advice on:

  •  In the debate on violence in schools, we ask CF to highlight the voices of children. They must be heard clearly without challenging the fact that teachers may have a hard time
  • Continue to make videos where children explain what is good quality and suggestions on how to make those good collaborations to adults
  • It's great if CF highlights the fact that raising children's right to information in the Child Protection System can create a sense of uncertainty for adults. They are responsible for ensuring that the information is understood and that the child is not left in a frightened situation
  • You can communicate wisely that the fact that children's rights are difficult for adults does not mean that they can be restricted or disappear. Adults need to change their views. Systems must adapt to the rights
  • Make it clear that the child's voice is needed in interdisciplinary collaboration to ensure the best possible measures for children
  • It's great if CF makes it clear to children that they are always invited to participate in the processes about them, and that they understand why 

THANK YOU for the advice we received, we will take good care of it! THANK YOU also for sending many beautiful greetings that pros will see when we start this year's summer camp🌸🏖